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See yonder comes the steamboat. The hold is full of Sinterklaas delicacies! Who will you let this boat moor with? Choose your own gingerbread nuts and make the boat your own by adding a self-designed card!

Kruidnoot keuze
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Product description

Surprise yourself or someone else with this nice package. Complete the party with a boat loaded with the tastiest Sinterklaas delicacies!

The steamer contains:

- Spiced nuts of your choice 50g (Bolletje or flower pack)

- Sinterklaas 50g

- Tony's Chocolonely milk small 47g

- Tony's Chocolonely milk nougat 47g

Make the boat more personal by adding a self-designed card! Write a poem or let the graphic design in you come out.


Content: Spiced nuts of your choice (50g), Santa meringues (50g), Tony's Chocolonely small milk bar (47g) and Tony's Chocolonely small milk nougat bar (47g)
Shelf life:
8 months
390 g
Dimensions: 21.5 x 16 x 9.5 cm