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Sangria do-it-yourself

Sangria do-it-yourself

Enjoy a delicious sangria in this nice weather. And it tastes even better if you make it yourself! Are you going for the red or white sangria?

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A lovely summer day in your own garden? Well, a fruity sangria certainly suits that. Create a tasty sangria with a delicious aftertaste. You can choose from a red sangria or a white sangria. What are you craving this summer?

Red sangria ingredients:

- Dried strawberry

- Dried apple

- Dried orange

- Dried blueberry

White sangria ingredients:

- Dried mango

- Freeze-dried apple

- Dried mint

Add yourself: Your favorite red or white wine

How does it work? Fill the bottle with your chosen wine. Set aside for 30 minutes to allow the fruit to do its work. Add the water and ice. Then it's time to enjoy!


Inhoud: 1 preserving bottle with mix for your sangria
520 g
Afmetingen: 36.5 x 9 x 9 cm