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DIY cocktail Pina Colada

DIY cocktail Pina Colada

Discover the magic of this wonderfully tasty DIY cocktail. The Pina Colada cocktail has a delicious taste and also looks tropical. This cocktail has a fresh, fruity and sweet taste. With this bottle you can make up to 1L of Pina Colada.
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This delicious Pina Colada is a refreshing, sweet cocktail. You can make this yourself by adding vodka (or sprite/sparkling water for an alcohol-free cocktail) to the glass. With this glass you can make 1L of Pina Colada. You can make such a delicious cocktail in 3 steps:

1. Fill the bottle

2. Let it season for 2 days

3. Serve and enjoy!

The ingredients in this bottle that ensure that the cocktail tastes good are:

- Pineapple cubes

- Coconut cubes


Inhoud: 1 DIY cocktail
Approx. 12 months
43 g
Afmetingen: ø6.8 x 20 cm