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Put your secretary in the spotlight on Thursday April 17 , Secretary Day 2025 . Express your appreciation with one of these loving gifts ! You can add an extra message to many products by designing your own sticker or card. This is how you put her in the spotlight on Secretary's Day!

Secretary's Day gift

At you will find the perfect gift for every moment, including for secretary's day. This falls on Thursday, April 17 this year. Secretary Day is the ideal time to put your secretary in the spotlight, express your appreciation and possibly send an extra message. Is your secretary saying goodbye soon? Then take a look at our collectionfarewell gifts.

Personalized gifts for your secretary

Do you want to give an extra message or do you want to personalize your gift? Which can! On many products you can add a sticker or a card to your gift. You can design this from scratch or you can choose from one of the standard designs. The options differ per product.

Secretary's Day 2025

Next year, Secretary's Day will be on Thursday, April 17. However, this is an annual recurring day. For example, secretary's day always falls on the second Thursday of April. Below you can see the dates for the coming years:

Secretary's Day 2025: Thursday April 17

Secretary's Day 2026: Thursday April 16

Secretary's Day 2027: Thursday April 15

Secretary's Day 2028: Thursday April 20

Secretary's Day 2029: Thursday April 19

Secretary's Day 2030: Thursday April 18

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