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Are you looking for a beautiful and personal gift for a friend? Here you will find a wide and diverse range of gifts for around 10 euros . You've also come to the right place for gifts under 10 euros. These gifts are not very expensive, but they are very nice, and are easy to order and delivered quickly.

Buy a gift of 10 euros

Surprise a friend with a personal, appropriate and fun gift for around 10 euros?

Here you will find all gifts that cost approximately 10 euros. Thanks to our diverse and wide range, you can actually guarantee a gift that costs around 10 euros that suits your friend perfectly.

Small gifts under 10 euros

The power of a gift lies in the story and the message, certainly not in the price. We know this all too well at That's why you can order original and nice gifts here for under 10 euros. Give more with less!

Personal gifts of 10 euros

Do you want to give away a truly personal gift of 10 euros? Of course that is also possible! Many of our gifts can be printed with a photo and personal message. This way you turn the present into a truly personal gift.

Delivery of 10 euro gifts

Looking for the perfect 10 euro gift? As soon as we receive your order, our creative and production team will start working on your gift. Because we make and personalize everything ourselves, we can always deliver from stock and quickly, within a few working days!

Funny or nice gifts up to 10 euros

What are you looking for? A personal and appropriate gift or a funny or nice gift up to 10 euros? Here you will find it all. There is something fun for every moment and every recipient. This way you can always score points with a gift!