De 5 leukste geschenken voor de dag van de leraar!

The 5 best gifts for teacher's day!

On Teacher's Day there is special attention to put the heroes of the classroom in the spotlight. But what is a nice gift to give to your teacher? Don't worry, we have listed the 5 best gifts for teacher's day . So read on and discover how you can surprise your favorite teacher.

Our top 5 gifts for teacher's day

  1. Gift Tin Full of Chocolate
    Chocolate is always a good idea! Choose your own filling of pretzels, chocolate chips or caramel chips. Perfect for the sweet tooth, who always helps you with your homework!
  2. Filled snack box
    This drum is not only a treat for the taste buds, but also super handy. After snacking, your teacher can use the tin to store pens, markers or other snacks!
  3. In good hands
    Teachers use their hands all day: writing, typing and gesticulating. This set with hand cream and other goodies is a luxury that they will certainly appreciate.
  4. Drinks box with beer
    After a long week in class, it's time to relax. This drinks box with a beer of your choice is the perfect gift for Friday afternoon drinks.
  5. Tinned Cake for Teachers
    A cake is worth a thousand words, especially if it comes in a personally designed tin. It is a fun, but above all tasty way to say thank you.

Holidays ahead!

Now that you're in gift-giving mode, let's stick with it. The holidays are just around the corner. How about a personally designed Christmas gift ? By adding your own design you make the gift even more special.


These 5 toppers are of course just the tip of the iceberg. Choose the best gift or look further on our website for the many other great items! Let us know in the comments which gift is one of your favorites!

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