Wanneer is het Pasen?

When is Easter?

This year Easter falls on Sunday March 31 and Monday April 1 .

Every year we celebrate Easter! A holiday that many associate with the Easter Bunny, who hides Easter eggs. But how is it determined on which days Easter falls? And when is Easter? In this blog you can read everything you need to know about Easter: how they are calculated, what they mean and how you can celebrate them. Easter is also a nice time to surprise others with nice Easter gifts!

What date does Easter fall on?

Below is a schedule of Easter for the next 10 years! This way you can plan ahead until 2034.

  • 2024: March 31 & April 1.
  • 2025: April 20 & April 21.
  • 2026: April 5 & April 6.
  • 2027: March 28 & March 29.
  • 2028: April 16 & April 17.
  • 2029: April 1 & April 2.
  • 2030: April 21 & April 22.
  • 2031: April 13 & April 14.
  • 2032: March 28 & March 29.
  • 2033: April 17 & April 18.
  • 2034: April 9 & April 10.

What do we celebrate at Easter?

Before Easter there are 3 other special days: Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday. On Maundy Thursday we celebrate Jesus' last supper. He promised faithfulness to his disciples, while he was betrayed by Judas at the same supper. After the betrayal, Jesus was crucified on Good Friday. This is good for Christians, because with the death of Jesus, believers would gain access to heaven.

Holy Saturday represents the day that Jesus lay in his grave. The church bells do not ring their bells that day. It's literally quiet. Then, on Easter Sunday, the resurrection of Jesus is celebrated. The fasting period ends on this day. Because Christians are never allowed to celebrate this festive event outside their home due to their day of rest, Easter Monday has been added to it. On Easter Monday we celebrate that God is forgiving. According to Christians, the fact that Jesus has been brought back to life is the ultimate sign.

How are Easter days determined?

Have you noticed that the dates of Easter are different every year? Easter has been a Christian festival for many years. We therefore celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. The first day of Easter is determined by the first full moon of spring. If the first full moon falls on the first Sunday of spring, it is celebrated that same day. Yet there is an exception, namely when the first day of spring falls on a Sunday. Then Easter is celebrated a week later. Because of these rules, Easter always falls between March 22 and April 25. Easter is therefore determined on the lunar cycle.

Determining the dates of Easter can therefore be influenced by 3 factors:
- The beginning of spring
- The first full moon
- The day of the week

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