Hoe maak je een creatief sinterklaascadeau?

How do you make a creative Sinterklaas gift?

He's back in the country! The most wonderful time of the year is here! You see Piets walking everywhere, chocolate letters are back in the shops and the large spice nut bags are on sale again. The party ends on December 5 with Christmas Eve . An evening full of gifts , fun and goodies. With a creative gift you impress the recipient and show that you pay extra attention to them. But what are creative Sinterklaas gifts ?

What is a creative gift?

You want to leave an impression on the recipient with a creative gift. Bought a bag of gingerbread nuts or a mug at Hema. Those are standard gifts. They are happy with the gift, but you want them to talk about it a year from now. You are looking for creative gifts and you call upon your inner inspiration. The power of a creative gift lies in the power of emotion. This can be a gift that brings a big smile, but a nice combination of small gifts can also evoke a positive emotion.

Make it yourself or buy it?

It is of course extra fun if you have a creative gift you have made yourself. We have the tips for making a creative gift yourself.

1. Don't think big, but with feeling

Of course a big and expensive gift is nice. But a gift that evokes a positive feeling or memory is just as nice to receive.

2. Put yourself in the receiver's shoes Tin with bow

Think about their hobbies, what they like, but the most important thing: What they like to do with you.

Example: You enjoy having a beer or a glass of wine together. Give a nice wine as a gift or use a wine box as packaging. Not the biggest, but the one that evokes a feeling or memory.

3. Combine your gifts

Wrapping presents together evokes multiple emotions at the same time. Because of the many emotions, your gift will not soon be forgotten.

4. Make the gift personal

Base your gift on the recipient. Do you have a nice photo together? Or do you have a special message for the recipient? Have your product printed or add a sticker to the gift.

5. Think about appearance The gingerbread boat

Also add something small to add a topic to the gift. As mentioned earlier, this could be a wine box, but it could also be a parcel boat. This way you add a subject to your gift and it looks nice.

Of course, it is not always easy to put together a creative gift yourself. And why would you spend a lot of time and attention on a creative gift if there are plenty of other creative people around? We offer you the solution! Check out our website for curated packages and make them personal by adding a sticker or card. The options differ per product.

Not much later than Sinterklaas, Christmas arrives. Also check out our Christmas gifts for fun and creative gifts!

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