De liefdevolle betekenis van Valentijnsdag

The loving meaning of Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is the day of love worldwide. This day has a rich and integrative history that goes beyond a commercial day for Valentine's Day gifts , such as rose petals and chocolate. It is not an official holiday, even though everyone has this day circled. But how did this day, which is celebrated worldwide every year on February 14 , come about and what do we actually celebrate?

A mix of Roman festivals and Christian Martyrs

The origin of Valentine's Day is, in all honesty, a bit of a mystery, mixed with various legends and historical facts. Although the best known and most popular theories concern ancient Rome , where a festival was celebrated in mid-February called Lupercalia. This festival is seen as a precursor to our Valentine's Day. Lupercalia was known for its various fertility rituals and a matchmaking lottery.

Another theory starts with the Christian martyr Saint Valentine. There are several legends that tell us that the Roman Emperor Claudius II executed Valentines. One of these Valentines is said to have been a priest , who was murdered on February 14. He was murdered because he secretly married young couples. An act of love that cost him his life.

The modern celebration of Valentine's Day

Nowadays Valentine's Day is a worldwide phenomenon to put your loved one in the spotlight. But how did we get from Roman rituals and a loving torture story to a day where lovers give each other presents? That's because of the famous English poet Geoffrey Chaucher, who wrote a poem called "Parliament of Foules" in the 14th century. In this poem he made the connection between Valentine's Day and romantic love . Since that day, it has grown into a day in which loved ones surprise each other with gifts, flowers and cards. The day on which we celebrate love for each other, in all shapes and sizes.

The deeper meaning of Valentine's Day

In addition to a day full of expressions of love, it is not unimportant to remember the deeper meaning of this day. This day is used to remember all your loved ones, from partners and close friends to yourself and family members. So don't forget to think about other people who receive your love and, above all, don't forget yourself. In these modern times it is important to express your love, which can be done through a nice gesture or a nice gift to the one you love.

Nice gifts for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is of course the perfect time to put your loved one in the spotlight. You can do this with something special, such as a romantic candlelit dinner. Not everyone is very romantic, so we have created a collection to bring out your sensitive side through a romantic Valentine's Day gift . Will you go for the candy jar filled with chocolate hearts , where you can also design your own sticker or one of the other loving gifts?

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