De waarde van de Dag van de Secretaresse

The value of Secretary's Day

Secretary's Day is a special time to show your appreciation and gratitude. These employees are of enormous importance to a company, but often act a bit in the background. This day offers the perfect opportunity to put them in the spotlight and thank them for their appreciation and dedication .

On what day does Secretary's Day fall?

Secretary Day falls on a different date every year. It always falls on the 3rd Thursday in April . Below you will find an overview of all dates for the coming years:

  • 2024: Thursday April 18
  • 2025: Thursday April 17
  • 2026: Thursday April 16
  • 2027: Thursday April 15
  • 2028: Thursday April 20
  • 2029: Thursday April 19
  • 2030: Thursday April 18

The value of a gift

Giving a gift on Secretary's Day is more than a nice gesture. It shows the appreciation and recognition for their indispensable contribution within the company. A loving gift can have a positive impact on motivation and morale within the company.

The right gift

We understand that finding the right gift can be a difficult and lengthy search. That is why we have taken a small selection of the most meaningful and most appreciated gifts in this blog.

Gold bars "You are worth gold"

This is a little thing that shows appreciation. With this sweet message you not only symbolize your appreciation, but you also emphasize the important role that the secretary plays within the company. You can personalize or design the attached card yourself. Unleash your creativity and make this gift even more special!

Gold bars "you are worth gold"

Gift tin full of chocolate

Chocolate is always a hit! This also includes this delicious Belgian chocolate packaged in a beautiful matte black tin, with a meaningful message. This gift also shows that you took the time to choose a special gift. If you are very creative or want to add a special message, you can also make your own design. This is how you make this gift tin with chocolate extra special!

Gift tin full of chocolate

Personalized gifts for that little bit extra

There are of course nice and special gifts, but personalized gifts are guaranteed to do well. With a personalized gift you can add something extra to the moment. Add a personal message or photo to the gift and it is guaranteed to be good! You can do this not only for the secretary, but also for other special days such as Mother's Day . You can also personalize your gift for these special days and make the day even more special!

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