Afscheidscadeau voor een collega

The best farewell gift for a colleague - 5 tips

Your colleague is leaving. You have experienced, laughed and worked a lot together. It's time to say goodbye, but how? A farewell gift for a colleague is a nice way to show your appreciation. But what kind of gift should you give? In this blog we give you 5 tips for the best farewell gift for a colleague .

1. Gift for colleague that matches their hobbies

If you know what your coworker likes to do in his or her spare time, you can give a gift that matches those hobbies. Is your colleague an avid athlete? Then give a gift voucher for a sports store or a new sports item. Does your colleague like to read? Then give a book by his or her favorite author. Is your colleague a music lover? Then give a concert ticket or a new album.

Thanks to our wide gift range, there is always a gift for your colleague.

2. A personal gift Personal gift farewell colleague

The most important thing is that the gift is personal . It should be something that shows that you are thinking of your colleague and that you appreciate him or her. A personal gift can be a photo of you together, a card with a personal message or a gift that refers to a special memory.

On you can personalize many gifts, including farewell gifts for colleagues, with a personal message. This can be in the form of a card, print, sticker, photo, etc. Ask about the options!

3. An original gift

If you really want to surprise your colleague, choose an original gift . This can be something you create yourself, such as a painting or a poem. It can also be something that you have custom made, such as a mug with your colleague's name on it or a bracelet with his or her birthstone. We have put together our range with this tip in mind, so there is always a nice gift that makes you look original!

4. Choose a practical gift

A practical gift is always welcome. Think of a new bag, a wallet or a set of office supplies. A practical gift shows that you are thinking of your colleague and that you want to help him or her in the new adventure.

5. Gift budget for your colleague Budget farewell gift for colleague

How are you going to organize your colleague's farewell? Many companies have devised a framework for this. For example, there is often a jar available for a farewell gift for colleagues or each colleague drops by for a small amount for a gift. Do this well in advance so that you can work from a budget, this makes choosing a farewell gift much easier!

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